[S O S] our concept

Freestyle Skateboarding is a type of skateboarding
that was in its heyday in 1980s especially in US.

Freestyle Skateboarding was also spread in Japan,
but it lasted only a short while due to the appearance of Street Skateboarding.
Since 1990s, the popularity of Freestyle Skateboarding has been floundering worldwide.

However, the establishment of JFSA(Japan Flatland Skateboard Association) in 2002
triggered the gradual revival of Freestyle Skateboarding in Japan.

In 2009, [S O S](Style of Skateboarding) was established to encourage the revival.
The concept of [S O S] is "No Walls between the Skateboarding Style!"
and the aim is to promote the volved skateboarding style "FREESTYLE"
which does not persist in the good old days of Freestyle Skateboarding.
[S O S] is willing to grow up little by little not only as a skateboarding team
but also as a brand such as management [S O S] homepage,
holding events, contests, showcases and support of JFSA.
[S O S] keeps bent on promoting "FREESTYLE" skateboarding
with the involvement of a medley of skateboarders.


また S O S では、フィルマーやイベントMCを募集しております。

問 info.sos.fs@gmail.com   TEL 045-937-1098(Lips 大橋)

S O S ショーケース sample movie  Rider/Yukiko & Risa
〜 Red Bull 主催 BMXイベントにて(2009年5月)〜

I respect the good old days of Freestyle Skateboarding,
but I want to evolve into "NO WALLS FREESTYLE" without restraint of it.
There might be freestlyers who stay away from "NO WALLS FREESTYLE".
But I think the existence of a variety of styles makes skatebording interesting.
I started skateboarding about 20 years ago(1980').
What if the top sketeboarders in those days still keep the same skills today?
They might have a chance to win contests even today.
However, it is impossible in Street Skateboarding world that has been evolved rapidly.
In other words, we can expect more evolution
and development very much in the future of Freestyle Skateboarding.
In fact, Freestyle Skateboarding has been revived from the long flounder.
It is still not yet fully matured but it has strong possibilities.

To make "FREESTYLE" more stylish!
I am strongly willing to contribute to the promotion of "FREESTYLE".

[S O S] director Satoshi Ohashi June 2009